Bend that Gender

To my flaming homo’s – this is why your fabulousness is important to all of us:

“Fat dykes, transpeople, intersex individuals, cisgendered people, muscle boys, crones, people with disabilities, bears… everyone’s body is political, even yours.  Queers have been at the forefront of contesting expectations about the ways bodies should look and function that are enforced as if they were natural…

Why do we demand that individuals belong to one of just two sexes? Why should your gender conform to the sex assigned to you at birth? Why are some bodies valued in the marketplace more than others? How do beliefs about physical ability limit our capacity to appreciate the diversity of bodies? How can we free ourselves from the very concept of the ideal body?

In raising such questions, we fight to see ourselves and others in new and positive ways. How do you look? And what are you looking at?”

–A Caption from one of the displays at the GLBT History Museum, The Castro, San Francisco

**Picture of RuPaul from


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